xG (Expected Goals)

The xG statistic, or Expected Goals, is a measure used in soccer to evaluate the quality of goal-scoring opportunities created during a match. This index is based on a series of factors, such as the position of the shot, the angle of the shot, the pressure of the defender, and others, to calculate the probability that a shot will turn into a goal. In this way, the xG index provides a more accurate measure of a team's offensive performance compared to simply counting the goals scored.

We are pleased to announce that, starting with version 1.50 of our APIs, the xG statistic is now available for all matches starting from 2024-03-15.

This means that developers can now access this valuable information through our endpoints and use it to enrich their applications and analyses.

In contrast to many other services, we offer the xG data at the moment of kickoff and update it live during the match. This means that you can access the most up-to-date information in real-time, giving you an edge in your analysis and decision-making. Additionally, it is possible to perform backtests of past matches using the matchprogressive call, allowing you to analyze historical data and gain even deeper insights.

Thank you for choosing our APIs for your soccer data. We are committed to providing you with the most accurate and timely information, and we will continue to work to improve our service and offer you even more valuable features.

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