Dominance index

The dominance index is the innovative index that objectively indicates the pressure that team A or B is exerting in the match.

How is it computed?

The calculation is relatively simple. Each event is given a weight expressed in points, and the sum of the points in the 30-second time frame gives the result. The most complex part is to correctly weigh all events

What values do we have available?

In the calls where the dominance index is indicated there are two values:

  • dominance_index

  • dominance_index_2_5_avg

The first value contains a JSON updated every 30 seconds that shows the current game performance. The average value of 2.5 minutes shows the average score of the last 5 samples.

Two values are present because the first one can be useful to draw and humanly interpret graphs, the second one instead gives a dry value that numerically indicates the pressure of the team in that moment, so it can be useful for strategies or bots.

How should it be interpreted?

The higher the value, the higher the pace of the team.

The difference between the value of team A and that of team B indicates dominance. If the dominance is positive, team A is dominating, if it is negative, team B is dominating, if the gap is wide, either negative or positive, the dominance is very marked.

How can it be plotted?

Indicatively the dominance index can be drawn in two ways:

With line chart

The graph shows not only the difference between the two indices but also the rhythm of the match. The higher the value, the higher the rhythm of the two teams.

With bar chart

The bar chart plots the difference of the two indices and at a glance shows the tendency of dominance of one of the two teams . To generate a bar char just do the difference between the index of dominance A and B. If result is negative team B dominance vice versa dominates the A team

To help you draw the graph quickly, we wrote a COLAB document that interprets the response of the MATCH VIEW call and prints the graphs.


What calls are available?

Dominance index are available in this calls:

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